Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22nd, 2007 - 6 Miles - Ouch My Aching Neck

The muscle that goes from my scapula (shoulder) up my neck to the base of my skull is killing me. It is super tight, sore so I feel pain constantly now (Unfortunately I have to use my left arm and head, but thats the drawbacks of being alive). Didn't know if I was going to run this morning, but did anyways. Run wasn't the best. Had to take a dump the last 1+ miles. HR was slightly elevated. Could be due to about <6 hours of sleep, or the pain in my shoulder/neck. I hope its not something and just some muscle stiffness that I have to work through.

AM Weight170.4
Time5:35 AM
Temp Start56.9FTemp End58.3F
Humidity Start94%Humidity End95%
Dew Point55.3FHumidity End56.9F
Time55:30.5Polar Pace8:55GMaps Pace9:01.54Max Pace7:24
Avg HR140Min HR56Max HR147
In Zone (<= 145)54:01Above Zone (>145)1:29
Running Index61
Min Alt.25 ftMax Alt.75 ftAvg Alt.55 ft
Ascent40 ft
Cadence Avg77Cadence Max94
Stride Length3' 10"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage442.54
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
19:31.49:31.412913778943' 7"0 ft
28:46.918:18.313914378803' 10"0 ft
38:50.627:08.914114577793' 10"20 ft
48:54.736:03.614314677783' 10"20 ft
58:41.844:45.414314677803' 11"0 ft
68:48.853:34.214414777783' 10"0 ft
6.221:56.355:30.514514678793' 9"0 ft

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