Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Robert Moses 5k

Well I wasn't really supposed to run a 5k last night, since the race was supposed to be a 1 mile race on the beach. Didn't want to run on the beach for fear of being injured. But due to the crappy weather (it rained most of the day), it was changed to a 5k on the roads at Robert Moses. Since it looked like it wasn't going to rain in the evening I ran the race tonight (instead of Kristin running the 1 mile race). Kristin, David and Allison made the trip out to see daddy run.

Course was flat as a pancake, but it was extremely windy being so close to the ocean. Ran a better than expected time, so it was good overall.


AM Weight171.0
Time6:19 PM
Temp Start69.7FTemp End69.0F
Humidity Start96%Humidity End96%
Dew Point68.5FHumidity End67.8F
Time13:52.2Polar Pace8:35GMaps Pace-----Max Pace6:32
Avg HR139Min HR75Max HR156
In Zone (<= 145)10:22Above Zone (>145)3:30
Running Index56
Min Alt.35 ftMax Alt.50 ftAvg Alt.45 ft
Ascent0 ft
Cadence Avg80Cadence Max89
Stride Length3' 10"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage318.26
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
18:28.98:28.913615681893' 10"0 ft
1.615:23.313:52.214314879803' 9"0 ft

5k Race

AM Weight171.0
Time6:59 PM
Temp Start67.2FTemp End67.1F
Humidity Start98%Humidity End98%
Dew Point66.7FHumidity End66.5F
Time20:32.2Polar Pace6:15GMaps Pace6:36.21Max Pace5:12
Avg HR176Min HR94Max HR182
In Zone (<= 145)-----Above Zone (>145)----
Running Index55
Min Alt.35 ftMax Alt.80 ftAvg Alt.50 ft
Ascent240 ft
Cadence Avg85Cadence Max113
Stride Length4' 11"
ShoesAdidas Rotterdam CC IVMileage166.21
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
1/1.046:34.86:34.8169177861134' 10"0 ft
2/1.066:39.913:14.717818085864' 11"60 ft
3/1.076:40.519:55.217918285864' 11"180 ft
3.11/0.1137.020:32.218218288895' 3"0 ft

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