Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Sub 9 Run (Barely)

I've been on a mini vacation from work/life since Monday. Off work on Tuesday, the 4th yesterday,m off work today. Busy getting the house ready for BBQ yesterday, BBQ yesterday and farting around today. Felt really sleepy today for some reason. Well ran 7 miles on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday and today. Today's run was first sub 9 mpm run (barely). If it wasn't for my slow first mile(s) I'd be running faster. It's just taking me a long time to warm up. Was warm an muggy today.

Tuesday July 3rd, 2007

AM Weight174.6
Time7:43 AM
Temp Start58.2FTemp End67.6F
Humidity Start91%Humidity End65%
Dew Point55.6FHumidity End55.4F
Time1:04:23.3Polar Pace9:14GMaps Pace9:10.80Max Pace7:26
Avg HR141Min HR57Max HR147
In Zone (<= 145)59:53Above Zone (>145)4:30
Running Index59
Min Alt.45 ftMax Alt.85 ftAvg Alt.60 ft
Ascent60 ft
Cadence Avg78Cadence Max83
Stride Length3' 8"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage229.854
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
19:48.69:48.613113980833' 4"0 ft
29:14.119:02.713914579803' 8"0 ft
39:12.328:15.014314678803' 8"0 ft
49:02.737:17.714314678793' 9"20 ft
59:10.346:28.014314777793' 8"20 ft
68:58.955:26.914414778823' 9"0 ft
6.988:56.41:04:23.314414778793' 8"20 ft

Wednesday July 4th, 2007

AM Weight170.4
Time8:08 AM
Temp Start69.7FTemp End72.4F
Humidity Start79%Humidity End72%
Dew Point63.0FHumidity End62.8F
Time56:07.0Polar Pace9:11GMaps Pace9:08.01Max Pace7:13
Avg HR141Min HR58Max HR147
In Zone (<= 145)51:49Above Zone (>145)4:18
Running Index58
Min Alt.35 ftMax Alt.85 ftAvg Alt.65 ft
Ascent60 ft
Cadence Avg78Cadence Max99
Stride Length3' 8"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage235.998
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
19:43.29:43.213013980993' 5"0 ft
28:58.318:41.514114679823' 8"0 ft
39:15.627:57.114314778793' 8"20 ft
49:05.137:02.214414778793' 9"0 ft
59:04.246:06.414414777823' 9"20 ft
69:01.255:07.614414777793' 9"20 ft
6.1159.456:07.014514777793' 9"0 ft

Thursday July 5th, 2007

AM Weight171.6
Time8:58 AM
Temp Start68.4FTemp End71.9F
Humidity Start95%Humidity End88%
Dew Point66.9FHumidity End68.2F
WeatherHazy Sun
Time55:14.5Polar Pace8:58GMaps Pace8:59.47Max Pace7:21
Avg HR140Min HR57Max HR147
In Zone (<= 145)49:29Above Zone (>145)5:45
Running Index61
Min Alt.50 ftMax Alt.95 ftAvg Alt.70 ft
Ascent60 ft
Cadence Avg78Cadence Max82
Stride Length3' 9"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage242.142
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
19:33.79:33.712513779823' 6"0 ft
28:44.418:18.11401467983' 10"0 ft
38:53.927:12.014214678813' 9"40 ft
48:52.136:04.114414778803' 9"0 ft
58:52.044:56.114414778823' 10"0 ft
68:55.953:52.014514777793' 10"20 ft
6.161:22.555:14.514414778783' 10"0 ft

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