Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Where'd I Go

Well since I injured my right leg last Wednesday there hasn't been much in the running category. I've kept myself busy doing work around the house and work for my summer class. I tool Thursday, Friday and Saturday completely off from running. Just stretching out my right left calf/plantaris muscle. Tried to run Sunday morning, but it was still store and I only managed 1.18 miles. Took off Monday and tried to run again this morning. Actually made it through a run, got to 3.55 miles. Will take tomorrow off and try again on Thursday. Tonight I am going to a Kings Of Leon concert in the city, so I'll be getting little or no sleep tonight.

WeekMilesTimePaceAvg HRAvg Wt

Sunday June 3rd, 2007

AM Weight176.0
Time8:08 AM
Temp Start68.2FTemp End68.9F
Humidity Start85%Humidity End84%
Time11:26.7Polar Pace9:39GMaps Pace????Max Pace8:55
Avg HR134Min HR63Max HR143
In Zone (<= 145)11:26Above Zone (>145)0:00
Running Index??
Min Alt.40 ftMax Alt.60 ftAvg Alt.50 ft
Ascent0 ft
Cadence Avg80Cadence Max83
Stride Length3' 5"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage107.64
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
19:38.59:38.513314380833' 5"0 ft
1.181:48.211:26.713713979803' 3"0 ft

Tuesday June 5th, 2007

AM Weight175.0
Time5:53 AM
Temp Start62.6FTemp End62.6F
Humidity Start96%Humidity End96%
Time33:33.4Polar Pace9:26GMaps Pace????Max Pace8:40
Avg HR141Min HR60Max HR148
In Zone (<= 145)29:15Above Zone (>145)4:18
Running Index54
Min Alt.40 ftMax Alt.60 ftAvg Alt.50 ft
Ascent0 ft
Cadence Avg78Cadence Max82
Stride Length3' 7"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage111.19
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
19:24.39:24.313614679823' 6"0 ft
29:30.018:54.314314878803' 6"0 ft
39:27.128:21.414414878793' 7"0 ft
3.555:12.033:33.414414778793' 7"0 ft

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