Thursday, June 14, 2007

The big NO for NY

Well on Tuesday I got the big NO for the NYC Marathon. Slightly disappointed about it since last years race was such a great experience. Though I don't think I would be 100% at my best for the race.

Ran a 5-mile race at Jones Beach State Park with my wife on Monday. It was her first race, so I ran it with her. She ran a 1:00:53 (I ran a 1:00:57) for 5 miles which I believe is really good since she's never ran that far. She did walk a bunch of times, but we were both fighting a cold. I actually felt like crap after the race and took a sick day on Tuesday. Probably wasn't the best idea to run the race in the first place. My HR was rather high for the race. Though I think I am almost recovered based on today's run.

We have a 10k at Sunken Meadow State Park next Monday, which is rather difficult due to the hills on the old XC course where I ran. Hopefully, we'll finish before its dark :) I'll run it with her again to keep her company.

Monday June 11th, 2007 (5 Mile Race)

AM Weight173.8
Time7:00 PM
Temp Start76.3FTemp End72.7F
Humidity Start61%Humidity End71%
WeatherMostly Cloudy
Time1:00:02.9Polar Pace12:04GMaps Pace12:00.58Max Pace10:17
Avg HR137Min HR122Max HR146
In Zone (<= 145)1:24:08Above Zone (>145)8:04
Running Index47
Min Alt.45 ftMax Alt.65 ftAvg Alt.50 ft
Ascent20 ft
Cadence Avg74Cadence Max79
Stride Length2' 11"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage142.49
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
110:49.710:49.713714675793' 2"0 ft
211:20.522:10.214014675763' 1"0 ft
313:01.535:11.713514674762' 9"0 ft
412:26.547:38.213414174762' 8"20 ft
4.9712:24.71:00:02.913914575762' 11"0 ft

Thursday June 14th, 2007

AM Weight175.0
Time6:10 AM
Temp Start54.3FTemp End54.6F
Humidity Start83%Humidity End83%
Time28:32.4Polar Pace9:09GMaps Pace9:15.97Max Pace8:07
Avg HR135Min HR58Max HR145
In Zone (<= 145)28:32Above Zone (>145)0:00
Running Index60
Min Alt.40 ftMax Alt.75 ftAvg Alt.60 ft
Ascent20 ft
Cadence Avg77Cadence Max91
Stride Length3' 8"
ShoesAdidas Supernova Control 9 Black/SilverMileage145.57
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
19:36.39:36.312713777913' 7"0 ft
29:06.818:43.113814377783' 9"20 ft
38:50.527:33.614114577793' 10"0 ft
3.1158.828:32.414414578793' 8"0 ft

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