Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bethpage 5k

Yesterday was the Bethpage State Park 5k. It a fairly hilly up and down course. Didn't want to really kill it, but ran hard. Last year ran 21:38, this year 22:17. Considering I took off 3 months I'll take it. However, last year I was coming off about a week of down time with the Coxsackie virus.

Got my max heart rate up to 185, so at least I know it at least 185.


AM Weight172.2
Time6:18 PM
Temp Start73.5FTemp End73.1F
Humidity Start73%Humidity End74%
Time11:57.9Polar Pace8:46GMaps Pace---Max Pace6:44
Avg HR143Min HR129Max HR151
In Zone (<= 145)-----Above Zone (>145)-----
Running Index--
Min Alt.-5 ftMax Alt.60 ftAvg Alt.25 ft
Ascent40 ft
Cadence Avg76Cadence Max80
Stride Length3' 11"
ShoesAdidas Rotterdam CC IVMileage151.36


AM Weight172.2
Time6:59 PM
Temp Start72.3FTemp End71.0F
Humidity Start76%Humidity End78%
DistancePolar3.27GMaps3.107, 5k
Time22:17.2Polar Pace6:48GMaps Pace7:10.38Max Pace5:25
Avg HR175Min HR107Max HR185
In Zone (<= 145)-----Above Zone (>145)-----
Running Index51
Min Alt.-5 ftMax Alt.55 ftAvg Alt.30 ft
Ascent120 ft
Cadence Avg82Cadence Max89
Stride Length4' 8"
ShoesAdidas Rotterdam CC IVMileage154.467
MileTimeTotal TimeAvg HRMax HRAvg CadMax CadStride LengthAscent
1/1.037:01.77:01.716617882894' 8"20 ft
2/1.027:07.214:08.917718081834' 7"60 ft
3/1.107:26.121:35.018118582854' 9"40 ft
3.107/0.1242.222:17.218318585884' 10"0 ft

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