Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Uh Oh

Well this morning was my first 4 miler (3.98 miles to be exact) and it was the first time that my pace/time did not improve. I probably attribute that to the fact that I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, I ran early in the AM (I seem to run faster later in the AM). Plus I found out that my project for my CS class is supposedly due today. So that put some added stress. So I would call today an OK run.

AM Weight: 175.8
Time: 5:42am (Earliest run so far)
Temp Start: 42.8F End: 43.3F
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Distance: 3.98miles (Google maps measures to 3.98, leave the Polar as is)
Time: 40:56.2 (10:17 mpm, 10:17.13mpm for 3.98 miles.)
Max Pace: 9:03
Avg HR: 142 (Min: 67, Max: 149)
In Zone (<= 145): 35:12 Above Zone (>145): 5:44
Calories: 650
Running Index: 51
Min Alt: 30ft Max Alt: 70ft Avg: 50ft Ascent: 0ft
Cadence Avg: 74 Max: 90(??)
Stride Length: 3' 5"
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 3.98/19.53
Mile 1: 10:20.9/10:20.9 AvgHR138/MaxHR146
Mile 2: 10:07.4 /20:28.3 AvgHR143/MaxHR147
Mile 3: 10:13.2 /30:41.5 AvgHR144/MaxHR147
Mile .98: 10:14.7 /40:56.2 AvgHR145/MaxHR149 (10:27.24 mpm)

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