Thursday, May 3, 2007

Slower Again

Ok, this run was slower yet again (by 36.6 seconds). Just didn't feel like a good run. Still feel like I don't have the breathing down right. Right hip/leg a little sore. Now whenever I have some sort of soreness in my legs, I think I'm getting Shingles. (I do have Poisin Ivy all over however due to my yardwork). Hopefully, I'll have a run this week at 4 miles where my pace gets better. If not I might hold at 4 miles until I do.

Auto Lap feature on watch didn't work today, so no lap times. Also distance was off so adjust Polar watch.

Well last week (Week 1 of 52) totaled the following:

W1: 12.32 miles in 2:12:34.7 (10:45.67 mpm, AVGHR: 141.75)

AM Weight: 174.6
Time: 7:07am
Temp Start: 36.9F End: 48.2F
Weather: Clear
Distance: 3.92miles (Google maps measures to 3.98, modify Polar)
Time: 41:32.8 (10:34 mpm, 10:26.33mpm for 3.98 miles, 36.6 seconds slower than Tuesday)
Max Pace: 8:39
Avg HR: 143 (Min: 66, Max: 152)
In Zone (<= 145): 31:31 Above Zone (>145): 10:01
Calories: 666 (Sign of the devil, uh oh!)
Running Index: 49 (First one under 50 in a while)
Min Alt: 30ft Max Alt: 70ft Avg: 50ft Ascent: 0ft
Cadence Avg: 73 Max: 79(??)
Stride Length: 3' 5"
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 3.92/23.45

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