Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Slow Run On Tuesday

Well yesterday wasn't the greatest of days run wise or body wise. Did not sleep very weel Monday night, Tuesday morning. Don't know why, probably only got 3-4 hours of sleep. Also, stomach was acting funny that night and morning, so decided not to run in the AM. However, since I took yesterday off from work decided to put in my 6 miles in the afternoon (around 1230pm). Of course at that time it was almost 70 degrees out and sunny. (All of my previous runs were done in the AM at around 50ish degrees). Also, I believe your HR elevates as you go later in the day. I got a nice sunburn on my shoulders and top of head.

I was also slightly sore in the arms and shoulders. Don't know if its the fatigue stuff come back or just that I'm sore from all the yard work I had done this weekend, which included trying to dig/rip out these two overgrown ornamental grasses that eventually came out using a pick axe. I'm lucky I didn't get a hernia do this as they didn't want to come out of the ground. Open the pool yesterday after the run. I'm trying to get all of the strenuous yard work done early so I can 1. Enjoy my summer and 2. not have the aches and pains interfere with running.

Nevertheless, I had my slowest run in almost two weeks, though it wasn't that bad.

Oh I got into the NYC Half Marathon on August 5th, 2007. Don't think I'll run as fast as last year (1:29:05), but we'll see how the training goes and will shift the goal accordingly. Will be interesting to run with a HRM.

Tuesday May 22nd, 2007
AM Weight: 175.2
Time: 12:31pm
Temp Start: 69.6F End: 67.5F
Weather: Bright Sun
Distance: 6.19 miles (Google maps measures to 6.144, modify Polar)
Time: 1:05:31.9 (10:35 mpm, 10:39.96 mpm for 6.144 miles)
Max Pace: 8:44
Avg HR: 143 (Min: 68, Max: 148)
In Zone (<= 145): 54:38 Above Zone (>145): 10:53
Calories: 1058
Running Index: 50
Min Alt: 40ft Max Alt: 90ft Avg: 65ft Ascent: 40ft
Cadence Avg: 71 Max: 78 (This is low)
Stride Length: 3' 6"
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 6.19/79.18
Mile 1: 10:20.1/10:20.1 AHR139/MHR147
Mile 2: 10:20.1/20:40.2 AHR144/MHR147
Mile 3: 10:48.8/31:29.0 AHR144/MHR148
Mile 4: 10:58.5/42:27.5 AHR144/MHR147
Mile 5: 10:34.5/53:02.0 AHR144/MHR148
Mile 6: 10:33.4/1:03:35.4 AHR144/MHR148
Mile .19: 1:56.5/1:05:31.9 AHR144/MHR146 (10:13.16 mpm)

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