Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Faster Sunday Run

My Sunday runs are always my fastest runs of the week as they come after a run on Saturday (no day off in between). It seems my extra days off cause me to lose some aerobic capacity.

Also, I bumped my knee on Saturday doing some landscaping in the backyard. However, it held up OK during the run. My new concern is a slight calf pain/strain (similar to what I had back in 2005) that might be a problem. I'll try to work it out with "The Stick" that I have. Hopefully, it won't turn into something bigger. It is a little sore.

Here is Sunday's run data

Sunday May 20th, 2007
AM Weight: 176.6
Time: 7:36am
Temp Start: 53.7F End: 57.4F
Weather: Mostly Cloudy to Cloudy
Distance: 6.23 miles (Google maps measures to 6.144, modify Polar)
Time: 58:24.8 (9:23 mpm, 9:30.44 mpm for 6.144 miles)
Max Pace: 7:49
Avg HR: 142 (Min: 66, Max: 147)
In Zone (<= 145): 52:51 Above Zone (>145): 5:33
Calories: 926
Running Index: 57
Min Alt: 35ft Max Alt: 80ft Avg: 55ft Ascent: 40ft
Cadence Avg: 76 Max: 92
Stride Length: 3' 8"
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 6.23/72.99
Mile 1: 9:53.5/9:53.5 AHR134/MHR143
Mile 2: 9:18.8/19:12.3 AHR142/MHR147
Mile 3: 9:19.8/28:32.1 AHR144/MHR147
Mile 4: 9:20.8/37:52.9 AHR143/MHR147
Mile 5: 9:12.2/47:05.1 AHR144/MHR147
Mile 6: 9:16.6/56:21.7 AHR144/MHR147
Mile .23: 2:03.1/58:24.8 AHR144/MHR146 (8:55.22 mpm)

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