Monday, April 2, 2007

Weekend Over, Another Year Older...

Well the weekend is over and I am now another year older. Yesterday was my 35th birthday. If I ever get back to running, I'm now in a new age group (35-39). We'll see if that ever happens.

Sat 3/31 AM Weight: 166.8
Sun 4/1 AM Weight: 169.0
Mon 4/2 AM Weight: 170.8

That's what a lot of eating crap will do for your weight. Anyways it was a pretty good weekend.

Doctor's visit went OK on Sat AM. BP was 124/64, so DR didn't think any further action was necessary. I'll go back if I feel fatigued after running. (With all of the painting I've been doing haven't felt fatigued yet).

Kids got dropped at Grandma's Sat afternoon, while was finishing off the painting of the two bathrooms. Plus got to fertilize the outside lawn (which a workout in itself). Had a good turkey dinner Sat night and of course the Islanders sucked their way out of a playoff spot. I'll be glad when I don't have to see them lose anymore at the end of the month.

Yesterday was basically just church, some painting, dinner out, some painting, some TV and sleep. No running as I can't seem to get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning due to the fact I haven't done it since mid April, we got a new comfy mattress a week a ago, I'm a little nervous about starting up again and I don't have a race to train for (actually I do have a race to train for, but that ones 55 weeks away).

So no running yet... Maybe tomorrow. It's supposed to get cold by the end of the week (again).

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