Thursday, April 26, 2007

Getting Faster

I didn't expect this much improvement in just four runs. (Maybe I didn't expect to be so damn slow on the first two runs). However, this mornings run was 4:15 faster that last Friday's run (all the same 3.08 mile loop). Thats a big time drop. Also, I stupidly forgot that I had a 730am appointment to get an oil change on my car. Oh well, rescheduled that for next Tuesday.

M Weight: 175.2 (Ate way too much yesterday at lunch. I haven't been this heavy in over a year)
Time: 6:45am
Temp Start: 37.2F End: 38.9F
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Distance: 3.09miles (Google maps measures to 3.08, leave the Polar as is)
Time: 31:45.5 (10:16 mpm, 10:18.67mpm for 3.08 miles. 1:41.5 faster than Tuesday)
Max Pace: 9:01
Avg HR: 141 (Min: 71, Max: 147)
In Zone (<= 145): 28:56 Above Zone (>145): 2:44
Calories: 497
Running Index: 51
Min Alt: 30ft Max Alt: 65ft Avg: 50ft Ascent: 0ft
Cadence Avg: 75 Max: 92 (??)
Stride Length: 3' 5" (This has been getting larger)
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 3.09/9.41
Mile 1: 10:43.1/10:43.1 AvgHR137/MaxHR146
Mile 2: 10:06.6/20:49.7 AvgHR143/MaxHR147
Mile 3: 9:58.9/30:48.6 AvgHR144/MaxHR147
Mile .09: 56.9/31:45.5 AvgHR143/MaxHR145 (10:32.22 mpm)

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