Sunday, April 29, 2007

First Two In A Row

Today first day ran two days in a row. Tired from yesterday's yard work adventure. However, still had a large improvement in time/pace for this mornings run. Wonder if its because it was later in the day?? Today's run was 5:47 faster than my run 9 days ago.

AM Weight: 175.0
Time: 8:02am
Temp Start: 53.2F End: 54.2F
Weather: Cloudy
Distance: 3.09miles (Google maps measures to 3.08, leave the Polar as is)
Time: 30:13.0 (9:47 mpm, 9:48.63mpm for 3.08 miles. 1:14.8 faster than yesterday)
Max Pace: 8:45
Avg HR: 140 (Min: 63, Max: 147)
In Zone (<= 145): 28:09 Above Zone (>145): 2:04
Calories: 469
Running Index: 53
Min Alt: 40ft Max Alt: 75ft Avg: 55ft Ascent: 0ft
Cadence Avg: 75 Max: 91(??)
Stride Length: 3' 7" (This has been getting larger)
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 3.09/15.55
Mile 1: 10:03.8/10:03.8 AvgHR133/MaxHR146
Mile 2: 9:40.5 /19:44.3 AvgHR143/MaxHR147
Mile 3: 9:35.6 /29:19.9 AvgHR144/MaxHR147
Mile .09: 53.1 /30.13.0 AvgHR144/MaxHR146 (9:50 mpm)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Little Faster, Tough Day

So today's run was slightly faster than Thursday's run, but thats to be expected since you can't expect such a rapid improvement in such a short time. However, I also proceeded to do 5 hours of yard work today which knock me out. Also, this morning was the start of my son's spring soccer season. It was mad chaos with tons of kids and parents...

AM Weight: 176.0 (I'm getting tubby)
Time: 7:03
Temp Start: 53.2F End: 53.6F
Weather: Cloudy/Damp
Distance: 3.05miles (Google maps measures to 3.08, leave the Polar as is)
Time: 31:27.8 (10:19 mpm, 10:12.92mpm for 3.08 miles. 17.7 faster than Thursday)
Max Pace: 8:49
Avg HR: 141 (Min: 67, Max: 148)
In Zone (<= 145): 26:55 Above Zone (>145): 4:32
Calories: 493
Running Index: 50
Min Alt: 50ft Max Alt: 75ft Avg: 60ft Ascent: 0ft
Cadence Avg: 75 Max: 92 (??)
Stride Length: 3' 5" (This has been getting larger)
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 3.05/12.46
Mile 1: 10:20.8/10:20.8 AvgHR137/MaxHR147
Mile 2: 10:15.2/20:36.0 AvgHR143/MaxHR148
Mile 3: 10:20.4/30:56.4 AvgHR144/MaxHR147
Mile .05: 31.4/31:27.8 AvgHR145/MaxHR147 (10:28 mpm)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Getting Faster

I didn't expect this much improvement in just four runs. (Maybe I didn't expect to be so damn slow on the first two runs). However, this mornings run was 4:15 faster that last Friday's run (all the same 3.08 mile loop). Thats a big time drop. Also, I stupidly forgot that I had a 730am appointment to get an oil change on my car. Oh well, rescheduled that for next Tuesday.

M Weight: 175.2 (Ate way too much yesterday at lunch. I haven't been this heavy in over a year)
Time: 6:45am
Temp Start: 37.2F End: 38.9F
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Distance: 3.09miles (Google maps measures to 3.08, leave the Polar as is)
Time: 31:45.5 (10:16 mpm, 10:18.67mpm for 3.08 miles. 1:41.5 faster than Tuesday)
Max Pace: 9:01
Avg HR: 141 (Min: 71, Max: 147)
In Zone (<= 145): 28:56 Above Zone (>145): 2:44
Calories: 497
Running Index: 51
Min Alt: 30ft Max Alt: 65ft Avg: 50ft Ascent: 0ft
Cadence Avg: 75 Max: 92 (??)
Stride Length: 3' 5" (This has been getting larger)
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 3.09/9.41
Mile 1: 10:43.1/10:43.1 AvgHR137/MaxHR146
Mile 2: 10:06.6/20:49.7 AvgHR143/MaxHR147
Mile 3: 9:58.9/30:48.6 AvgHR144/MaxHR147
Mile .09: 56.9/31:45.5 AvgHR143/MaxHR145 (10:32.22 mpm)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Could It Be??????

Could I actually be getting out of this funk. Too early to tell, but I would call this morning a good run. Even though it is still slow, it was 2.5 minutes faster for the same distance on Sunday. That's a lot.

AM Weight: 173.8
Time: 6:09am
Temp Start: 53.3F End: 54.4F
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Distance: 3.13miles (Google maps measures to 3.08 will have to adjust the Polar)
Time: 33:27.0 (10:42 mpm, 10:51.62mpm for 3.08 miles. 2:27.4 faster than Sunday)
Avg HR: 141 (Min: 73, Max: 148)
Calories: 520
Running Index: 49
Min Alt: 35ft Max Alt: 70ft Avg: 55ft Ascent: 20ft
Cadence Avg: 74 Max: 77
Stride Length: 3' 4"
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 3.13/6.32
Mile 1: 10:47.6/10:47.6 AvgHR136/MaxHR147
Mile 2: 10:38.0/21:25.6 AvgHR144/MaxHR148
Mile 3: 10:40.0/32:05.6 AvgHR144/MaxHR147
Mile .13: 1:21.4/33:27.0 AvgHR144/MaxHR146

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Slow Run

Another run on a beautiful morning. Still slow as mollasses at MAF heart rate (180-age = 145). Oh well....

Date: Sunday 4/22
AM Weight: 173.6
Time: 7:50am
Temp Start: 45.4F End: 61.2F
Weather: Sunny/Clear
Distance: 3.19 miles (Google maps measures to 3.08 will have to adjust the Polar)
Time: 35:54.4 (11:16 mpm, 11:39.48 for 3.08 miles. Whoa, a blazing 6.4 seconds faster)
Avg HR: 142 (Min: 76, Max: 150)
Calories: 524
Running Index: 46
Min Alt: 40ft Max Alt: 75ft Avg: 55ft Ascent: 20ft
Cadence Avg: 73 Max: 89
Stride Length: 3' 3"
Shoes: Adidas Supernova Control 9 Black/Silver: 3.19/3.19
Mile 1: 11:06.0 AvgHR139/MaxHR149
Mile 2: 11:24.7 AvgHR142/MaxHR147
Mile 3: 11:15.5 AvgHR143/MaxHR147
Mile .19: 2:08.2 AvgHR145/MaxHR 150

So another slow run. Spent most of the weekend cleaning up the yard. Getting rid of leaves, etc. etc. Still no fatigue yet, so far so good. I guess I am basically starting from scratch. Another 3.08 tomorrow morning..

Friday, April 20, 2007

First Run, but......

So today I ran for the first time (if you want to call it running) since March 1st.

AM Weight: 174.6 (I was as low as 156.8 at the beginning of the illness ordeal).
Time: 6:30am
Temp Start: 33.6F End: 34.0F
Weather: Sunny/Clear
Distance: 3.06 miles
Time: 36:00.8 (laughable 11:45 mpm, remember I ran a 3:06:16 marathon / 7:06 mpm)
Avg HR: 143 (Min: 88, Max: 150)
Calories: 533
Running Index: 44
Min Alt: 40ft Max Alt: 75ft Ascent: 0ft
Cadence Avg: 72 Max: 78
Stride Length: 3' 1"

Mile 1: 11:44.6 AvgHR140/MaxHR146
Mile 2: 11:45.5 AvgHR144/MaxHR150
Mile 3: 11:45.6 AvgHR145/MaxHR150
Mile .06: 45.1 AvgHR144/MaxHR 145

Basically, I still think there is something wrong with me. However, my last "real" run was on January 13th. I ran 7 miles in 1 hour at a AVGHR of 143.

The key here is to see if the fatigue sets in, so far I'm OK. I will not run consecutive days until next weekend and will only run consecutive days on the weekend probabl for the next six weeks. I will only be running 4 days a week (Sun, Tues, Thur, Sat). I will start off next week with 3 miles each day.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

OK, What's With the sweating at night

Today's Run: Nothing (sound familiar)
AM Weight: 170.2

Well woke up last night around 3am sweaty. Shirt was damp and hair was slightly wet. Hasn't happen in about a month. Who knows what it is (if you search over the internet they tell you everything is wrong with you). It seems to happen to me if I eat late at night, or eat too much, but who knows. After trying to figure out whats wrong with me the last few months, everything seemed to lead to the big C-word.

Anyways, finished painting the molding in both bathrooms last night. Just some minor touch-ups plus putting in two highhats in the upstairs bathroom. (More work, ugh).

Picked up Guitar Hero II today as a treat to myself. Hopefully its fun and good.

Hopefully, no night sweats tonight. Hopefully I can start my running on Easter Sunday.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Weekend Over, Another Year Older...

Well the weekend is over and I am now another year older. Yesterday was my 35th birthday. If I ever get back to running, I'm now in a new age group (35-39). We'll see if that ever happens.

Sat 3/31 AM Weight: 166.8
Sun 4/1 AM Weight: 169.0
Mon 4/2 AM Weight: 170.8

That's what a lot of eating crap will do for your weight. Anyways it was a pretty good weekend.

Doctor's visit went OK on Sat AM. BP was 124/64, so DR didn't think any further action was necessary. I'll go back if I feel fatigued after running. (With all of the painting I've been doing haven't felt fatigued yet).

Kids got dropped at Grandma's Sat afternoon, while was finishing off the painting of the two bathrooms. Plus got to fertilize the outside lawn (which a workout in itself). Had a good turkey dinner Sat night and of course the Islanders sucked their way out of a playoff spot. I'll be glad when I don't have to see them lose anymore at the end of the month.

Yesterday was basically just church, some painting, dinner out, some painting, some TV and sleep. No running as I can't seem to get my lazy ass out of bed in the morning due to the fact I haven't done it since mid April, we got a new comfy mattress a week a ago, I'm a little nervous about starting up again and I don't have a race to train for (actually I do have a race to train for, but that ones 55 weeks away).

So no running yet... Maybe tomorrow. It's supposed to get cold by the end of the week (again).