Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First Post

Well I've seen other runners use a blog to discuss/log there training...

I used to be a runner. Not that long ago. It all crashed down the week of January 7th, 2007. I was training for the Boston marathon on April 16th, 2007. I had qualified by running the New York City Marathon on November 5th, 2006 in 3:06.

The week of 1/7/07, I was trying to do my most miles ever (72 miles in a week). I had just gotten over a stomach virus from 12/29/06 to 12/31/06, so my miles for the week of 12/31/06 was lower than expected, so I wanted to bump up the mileage for the week of 1/7/07. It started out good with a 17 miler on 1/7, but on 1/8 felt like I was coming down with a cold. However, by Tues 1/9 felt OK and did a 15 miler with 7 0.6 mile hill repeats tossed in for good measure. The evening of 1/9 had a little "anxiety attack" episode, but ran on Wed 1/10 (7 miles) and Thurs 1/11 (12.5 mile Tempo). The evening of 1/11 Thurs was coming down with a cold again. Did not run Fri 1/12, but when I got home that evening from work decided to run on the treadmill. This is when it all starts to fall apart.....

That evening did 5 miles on the TM. HR jumped quickly above where it normally would be. AVG HR for run was 151 and it got up to 160 by the end (at a pace that normally would be ~145. Ignored those signs. This run was a 9pm Fri. Then the next AM around 7am, decided to run 7 miles outside. HR again jumped up to 140s within 1st 1/4 mile. Complete run 7 miles @ 8:30/mpm with AVG HR ~143. Still a little high.

Decided to take Sunday/Monday off. Monday afternoon felt like I was coming down with a cough. Went to doctor, gave me antibiotics for a Upper Respiratory Infection, plus BP was high (150/94).

So took the rest of the week off, scheduled a physical for the next Monday (1/22) and kept the next week obsessing about my blood pressure, since I was told to monitor it. It varied from 148/86 to 128/80. All over the place (worrying about it probably gave me HBP).

Physical on Mon 1/22 came and everything got checked out, except for a blip on the EKG. Doctor suggests to see a cardiologist for 2nd opinion. Made an appointment for 1/26. However, doctor said running was OK. So tried to run on Tues 1/23 AM on treadmill. Got about 1.5 miles at slow 5.7mph pace. HR would get high very fast (mind you 5.7mph is not even 10:00/mpm). Gave up. Felt really fatigued for the next few days.

Went to caridologist on Fri 1/26. BP 128/75, doc notices I have a murmur. Would like to come in for an echocardiogram (ultrasound of heart). Thats scheduled for Thurs 2/1. So I decide to skip running until get those results back. Echo is done (it is freaky to see your heart beating on the screen). Get results back on Mon 2/5 everything is normal.

Start running again on Tues 2/6. Decide to keep HR at or below 145. I end up running about 2.5 miles in 30 minutes (at or around 12:00/mpm). Avg HR for entire run is ~138. Mind you I ran 26.2 miles at 7:06/mile pace in three months earlier. I had on the TM at AHR 134 5 miles at 8:40/mpm. So this is a downer since I still feel something is wrong with me.

So run 2/6,2/7,2/8 and 2/10. However after run on Sat 2/10 feel like I am getting another cold. An of course I do get the sniffles. Out of action until Fri 2/16 when I start to feel better. So I decide to try another run on the TM. And of course I am slow at molasses again (12:00/mpm for 30 minutes). And of course I get that crappy fatigue feeling again.

So back to doc-in-a-box on Mon 2/19. Where I basically get another blood test to see if I have anything else wrong with me (my blood test on 1/22 came back normal), like Mono, Epstein-Barr, Lyme Disease, Anemia, B-12 problems, etc. Everything normal, so still have no clue. Start doing Nasal Saline Rinse and Emergen-C stuff. So I'll get it until Sun 2/26 to start up the running again.

Start up running again on Sun 2/25. Still slow as mollases around 11:45-12:00/mpm for 30 minutes on treadmill trying to keep my HR at or below 141. Fatigue starts to set in again on Tues 2/28, but I sill run 2/25,2/26,2/27 and 3/1. Feel like crap-o-rama again.

So back to doc-in-a-box on Mon 3/5. See doctor this time, since I had a couple of night sweats and my shoulder and hip are sore. (I have been installing crown moulding in upstairs bathroom, plus we have been using a crappy mattress). Diagnosed with an ear infection, given more antibiotics and got another blood test. Swear off running for a couple of weeks. Blood test is all normal except for elevated MCHC (37.0) and low Lymphocyte % (19). Doc-in-a-box says its nothing to be concerned about.

So March begins as a non-running month. Everything going OK, start to feel better. Then my left hip starts to hurt. Notice lymph node in that area is starting to get swollen. Then by Wed 3/21 I noticed I getting a rash on my left thigh. Go to doc-in-a-box again. I've got Shingles. (Yeah me!). So now I get to take an Anti-Viral Herpes medicine for a week. It itches like hell, hurts. Basically its chicken pox part 2. I was planning to try to run again on Sun 3/24, but thats out the window. BP was also high (162/84 and 140/90), so I decide to make an appointment with my original family doctor for Thu 3/22. (He is impossible to get an appointment with).

So go original doc. BP high again (140/84). I have shingles (still). He doesn't think anything is seriously wrong with me (i.e. the C-word). Wants to monitor my BP and call if over 130 (its been both above and below since then).

So here I sit on Wed 3/28, four days from my 35th birthday. A shell of the person I was three months ago. I feel absolutely no confidence in my body or my health. I have this feeling that something else is wrong with me. Maybe I have been fighting off the shingles for a while. Maybe I just stressed my body to the max overtraining with a cold that week in January. (I sure do hope and pray that is the case). But I just don't feel confident that is the case.

What I want right now is to be able to go out and do a 3 mile run at a reasonable pace (10:00/mpm 145 HR) and not feel fatigued after I do it. That's all I want... It's amazing that pre-running I'd feel OK, but post-running I know that I'm not 100% since I can't do what I used to do.


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